If your holiday weekend plans don’t include toasting something in, or near, a fire… they should! With this super-easy DIY plan your backyard will be the life of the party, making warm toes and hearts this weekend!

There’s a number of ways to make fire pits, some easier than others. This simply ingenious plan was conceived and produced by yet another amazing team member at OnlineMetals. Follow these easy steps:

  • Outer Decorative Ring: Galvanized Steel Sheet, 4 pieces at 12″ x 36″
  • Inner Fire Ring: 1 Prefab fire ring – (or make second ring with thicker Galvanized Steel sheet for inner wall.) Inner ring diameter should be about 3-6″ smaller than outer ring. Maybe you already have a ring that you want to dress-up!
  • Small bricks
  • River rock

  1. Dig a hole the diameter of your desired pit, according to space available. About 3″-5″ deep is plenty.
  2. Tip: use a level and tamper to make sure the ground is even. A lopsided pit will slowly but surely grate on your nerves until you have to dig it up and do it over.
  3. Use your 4 pieces of .03″ Galvanized Steel, 12″ x 36″, attach end-to-end length-wise with rivet gun to form a circle (just a bit smaller than the hole you dug!).
  4. Place your outer circle in the level hole.
  5. Center fire ring inside outer ring.
  6. Secure rings in place and fill gap between rings with a bottom layer of bricks.
  7. Cover bricks with river rock.
  8. Voila ~ your fir pit is ready to party!

diy fire pit

Now you have a fire pit with a lovely edge and room to rest your s’mores and toes, without getting caught in the flames! Add a grate for more cooking options and you’re good for some fall back yard camping action too!
A few notes on fire rings – this piece can be any fire proof steel. Decorative versions are available at Home Depot or in many local hardware stores. If you are buying and not making, ensure that the depth of your ring matches the above ground portion of your galvanized steel outer ring (according to these plans that will be 7″-9″ above ground.)
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