DIY Gift Ideas | Magnetic Message Board

If you like to give holiday presents with a personal touch, and also have a mild case of procrastination, then you’re probably madly looking for DIY gift ideas today! The best DIY gift ideas are ones that require only a few materials, but offer a lot of opportunity for customization. The magnetic message board is the perfect project to fit this Pinterest-worthy pinch!


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First, this is a DIY gift idea that can be modified for male or female recipients with a switch-up of a few materials!  Also, it can also be adjusted by size for big or small spaces, or big or small occasions. And if you don’t know your gift recipient’s style choices, well, you can make a small desk-sized magnetic message board in neutral tones, and even office-friendly themes.
The simplest way to get this project out the door in a hurry is to purchase a pre-made picture frame, or re-purpose an old one you have laying about. (The best DIY gift ideas always have an option for re-using something you thought you didn’t want any more!)
The next thing you need to do is order a sheet of galvanized steel, cut to the inside size of the frame you are using. A piece as thin as .024″, or 24 gauge, is perfect for this application, and starts at just $2.89 for a 12″ x 12″ piece.
The third step to bring these DIY gift ideas to life is to find a fabric to cover your sheet of galvanized steel. Choose one that compliments the design of your picture frame and the personality of your gift recipient!  Patterns that look like upholstery or wall paper make great back-drops for magnetic boards, as they are designed to fit into the scenery while making a subtle statement.

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If you love the idea of having a personalized magnetic message board, but don’t quite have the eye for creating just the right look, try shopping for a unique design at Designs By Emma Page.  This unique company, which is a customer of OnlineMetals, designs boards for home and office, and uses a variety of materials.  Boards include magnetic backs, cork and chalkboard, with a variety of artisinal frames and designs to choose from.

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Beyond the holidays, these boards make great DIY gift ideas for birthdays, baby showers, weddings and graduations too!