DIY Holiday Gift – Metal Edition

Take inspiration for your DIY Holiday Gifts this year from these three projects. One for home decor, one for home improvement, and one for fun and games that will last a lifetime!
This DIY Holiday Gift is perfect for the homeowner looking to embellish a fireplace. Whether you actually light fires or simply go for the ambiance, a custom decorative screen adds style to any space.
To make this DIY Holiday Gift project easy for beginners, use this beautiful design as a jumping off point for a simpler structure, then try adding pre-fabricated embellishments for more flourish.  The fireplace screen pictured here was made with A36 hot roll flat bar. The A36 hot roll is available in many thicknesses, starting as small as .125″ x 5″ and as large as 2″ x 3″.


Even a simple square design fireplace screen makes an attractive DIY Holiday Gift for your loved ones! Get inspired by this custom crafted piece!

Got a spouse or significant other who would like you to be a little more handy around the house? Here’s another great project that can turn into a DIY Holiday Gift while checking off a home “to-do” project at the same time!
If you have any wood railings or banisters in your home that are worn or dated, consider replacing them with sturdy, modern metal materials. A railing system like this can be created using 6063 Aluminum Square Tubing. Use a large square tube for the vertical posts and aluminum smaller tube. The aluminum tube can be painted or left raw for contrast. Aluminim also makes a nice brushed finish! Don’t forget to keep raw metal polished for an all year shine!

Update your home and take care of your holiday gift list!

Another sweet DIY Holiday Gift project for the cribbage lover on your list is a custom crafted aluminum board. A DIY holiday gift of this magnitude could easily become a family heirloom! If you love this idea, but are a beginning maker, consult with home machining specialists such as Little Machine Shop – a good friend of OnlineMetals!
A great material for a project like this is Aluminum 606-T651, which is easy to machine and comes with an affordable price tag! Your pegs can also be machined to specs and custom pegs are available off the shelf as well. You can even buy metal cribbage board pegs with your favorite team’s logo!

Craft your own one-of-a-kind metal cribbage board!

All of the DIY Holiday Gift Projects featured here were created by a good friend of OnlineMetals, Ken Sousa. Ken was a regional operations manager who recently retired from Copper & Brass sales after 35 years, and now uses our material to assist in small business he recently launched. Thanks for the ideas Ken!