DIY – Ideas for the Man of Steel

One look at Stainless Tread Plate and you know you’ve got a winning project idea for the  dad who likes his stuff tough, yet shiny! From small pieces to entire sheets, the surfaces that can be improved by slapping on a coating of Tread Plate are nearly endless. It’s quite possibly the bacon equivalent of metal!
Direct from our Metal Shop Pros, here are 6 ideas for your next project using Stainless Tread Plate. (Hint – you still have time to make a great gift for Father’s Day!)
1. Chillest Cooler: Just in time for tailgating at the lake! Dress-up dad’s favorite ice chest with a layer of Stainless Tread Plate and chill-tough this summer!
stainless-tread-plate-toolbox2. Strong Box: Create a box from scratch or update dad’s existing tool storage with a new look and weather-proof finish.
stainless-tread-plate-bed liner3. Last Bed Liner: Installing this just right will take a little bit of skill, but if you’re up to it, you’ll never have to replace your liner again!
stainless-tread-plate-mudflap4. Rear View: Two small pieces and you’re good to go with new everlasting mud flaps, ensuring you look as good leaving as arriving!
stainless-tread-plate-trailer5. Haul It: By constructing a trailer of thick gauge Stainless Tread Plate and wood supports, you can easily construct a sturdy and attractive hauling contraption.
stainless-treadplate-man cave6. Supreme Man Cave: Any surface in the shop can now double as an entertainment prop by night, while working hard during the day.
Feeling Inspired? Stainless Tread Plate 304 starts at $ $39.53, and all orders over $100 get automatic 10% discount.