DIY: Make a Copper Bangle

copper-tube-jewelry-makingCrafting your own metal jewelry can be a satisfying obsession. A great place to get started is with a simple copper bangle. One piece of material and a few household tools are all you need!

  • One piece copper tube – select the diameter equal to the width of the bracelet you want  (for example a 1″ diameter tube will be 1″ across when flattened.)  A thinner wall will also be easier to flatten.)
  • Saw
  • Rolling pin – or a wooden mandrel if you’re fancy
  • Sledge hammer or heavy mallet (hand sized – no cement breaker needed!)
  • Safety goggles
  • Vise – or steel plate
  • Sand paper


  • Measure your wrist and cut the piece of copper tube to the same length
  • Secure your goggles!
  • Place tube on steel plate base and strike it with the sledge/mallet
  • Continue hammering until the tube is flattened
  • Hold flattened piece to rolling pin and roll it around the pin until a “C” shape forms
  • Sand off any rough edges from cut ends. Marks from hammering can also be removed with fine grit sand paper.
  • If you like your bracelet shiny and untarnished you can paint it with decoupage lacquer or special metal polish. Or, you can let nature take it’s course and see how it patinas!