diy twist metal bracelet

DIY metal twist bracelet

There are few things as enjoyable as a DIY project well done! Follow these instructions by instructables contributor Mrballeng to create a simple but elegant twist bracelet that will stand out and catch people’s attention.


1080-1085 Stainless Music Wire | Diameter: 0.063″
Choose the diameter of the wire or round rod based on the thickness of the bracelet you desire; we recommend anywhere between 14-16 gauge or 0.063”-0.095”.

2 nuts (optional)


302 Stainless Spring Temper Wire | Diameter: 0.0625″
304 Stainless Annealed Wire | Diameter: 0.051″


Step 1

Cut two pieces of steel wire approximately 20” long.

If your wire is insulated, use wire strippers to rake off the insulation.

diy twist metal bracelet

Step 2

Fold the wires in half around the neck of a hammer.

Arrange the wires so they are straight and free of tangles then clamp the four loose ends together in the jaws of locking pliers.

You can also use a hand drill to assist you with the twisting process. To use a hand drill, clamp the loose ends of the wires into the chuck of a hand drill and slowly twist it while securing the hammer.

Twist the wires until you have your desired amount of twists in it.

diy twist metal bracelet

diy twist metal bracelet

Step 3

Cut the looped ends of the now twisted wires and remove it from the hammer.

Step 4

On a smooth surface, hammer the twisted wires flat. Try your best to hammer the wire square on. Likewise, repeatedly glance at the wire from its side to make sure that you are hammering a uniform thickness throughout.

diy twist metal bracelet

Step 5

Cut the bracelet to your desired length.

Apply a flux paste to the ends of the bracelets and to the nuts and use a torch to solder them together on each end. File off any excess solder.

You can also opt to simply file the ends of the bracelet. If doing this, be careful to file the ends well to ensure that no sharp edges remain.

diy twist metal bracelet

Step 6

Bend the bracelet into a comfortable shape. It is easiest to use a round object to bend the bracelet to a general shape, and then use your hands to form the final shape.


diy twist metal bracelet

Try this on: You can also use two different metals to create an even more unique look. Copper and brass are excellent choices that add a component of depth to the piece. Here copper and steel are used to form a brilliantly contrasting bracelet.

diy twist metal bracelet