DIY Metalworking Projects

Winter is the perfect time to get started with new indoor hobbies. And a great way to make the most of your free time is to learn a new skill with DIY metalworking projects. By learning the basics of metalsmithing a wide range of jewelry and home decor projects can easily be completed.


Student project from Craftsy – Hammered Copper Bracelet

With a few basic tools any craft room (or kitchen) can be transformed into a DIY metalworking projects emporium! A number of online resources can help you to get started. If you are looking for precise lessons, we’ve found a website offering classes in metalsmithing for as low as $39.99.
There are also free design templates available from various retailers. When learning a new skill, its a good idea to copy tried and true designs and processes. Then, when you get the hang of the the metalworking projects, you can get a little more creative with your DIY know-how!
The website, Craftsy, has online classes in activities from cooking, to photography and gardening. Within the jewelry making courses we were particularly interested to see a course in “Metalsmithing at Home.” The class has a fee of $39.99 and includes 11 video lessons; downloadable patterns & instructions; and a virtual online classroom for questions. Get more info at the Craftsy website >>
Another handy online site with many ideas for DIY metalworking projects is Beyond just bead working, this site has a healthy assortment of metalworking and soldering projects. The projects come complete with instructions and materials lists. Some projects even have videos. Project ideas include necklaces, earrings bracelets, and more. Best of all, the ideas are free! Get more info from the Beaducation website >>
When you’re ready to get going for real on your DIY metalworking projects, you’re going to need some metal!  Good news! We carry a lot of the materials you’ll need, with no minimums.  Here’s a list of the some of the materials we offer that are commonly used in jewelry making and DIY metalworking projects:
diy-project-ideas-with-copper-sheetCopper Sheet – See it now >> Popular for hammered bracelets, stamping and cutting.  TIP: Try a very thin sheet for cutting and shaping and thicker sheet for soldering applications. Also, color can be changed with various patinas and finishing processes.
Aluminum Sheet – See it now >> Very inexpensive and popular for stamping, shapes and bead rolling. TIP: Try 6061 aluminum sheet for art and jewelry. It is less expensive than higher grades such as 7075, which is used in aerospace and marine environments. 
Brass Sheet – See it now >>  Beautiful, and bright, this material is popular for cutting and engraving. TIP: Try C260 in a very thin gage for jewelry and the heavier-duty C53 for engraving