DIY: Pimp your ride and winterize!

Soggy, leafy floor-mats and wimpy plastic, rock-pelted grills have met their match! Take these ideas for custom metal work and armor your vehicle with style. Take it up even one more notch by adding LED mood lighting to really liven up your winter!
custom stainless steel floor mat and auto grill
Here’s how you can get these looks…
Stainless Tread Plate Floor Mats: The floor panels are cut-to-size from
Stainless Steel Tread Plate.  A thin gauge is suitable for this application in order to bend and form the material to fit the slope of your vehicle’s floor, and it will still be thick enough to protect in most interior use-cases.custom-stainless-steel-floor tread
Measure your space and draw a template on paper (back of a paper sack works great). Cut out the template and use it to ensure you’ve made the right shape for your vehicle. Trim and refine until you have the desired shape. Use template to guide markings on your tread plate. Cut-to-size with suitable metal cutting saw.
custom-stainless-steel-floor tread
Stainless Vehicle Grill: Made from stainless perforated sheet, the design of this grill can vary based on the size and stagger of the holes. First, decide what type of look you’re after. For larger vehicles and trucks a larger diameter hole will look more fitting, while smaller diameter and closer placed holes will suit a smaller car.
The other choice you have is the color of the perforated sheet, which is a great surface for the right metal paint and easy to apply. Choose to offset the vehicle with a contrasting color, or go for a black-out (or white-out) look with a color matched to the vehicle.
Grills are typically square and easy to measure! If you want to be certain that you’ve got the right shape and holes easy to align with mountings on your vehicle, follow the instructions above and create a paper or cardboard templated befor cutting your perforated sheet.
If you try this project, take a pic and send us a shot of your handy work! We love to share our customer projects… successes and failures!