DIY: Race Pedals

One of our talented OnlineMetals team members recently constructed a custom brake pedal and dead pedal for his Honda S2000, and is kindly sharing his tips on how-to Do-It-Yourself!

diy race pedal honda s2k

Honda S2k photo from

Pro Tip: Adding an extension to the brake pedal puts it closer to the accelerator allowing the driver to easily rev match while down-shifting during braking into a corner.

Custom Crafted Race Pedals made with 6061 Aluminum Sheet installed in Honda S2K

Project Construction:

  • Material — Aluminum 6061 Sheet, size .19″ (Small piece, as close to size of desired finished pedal as possible to reduce shaping effort.)
  • Process — Shape your small piece of 6061 Sheet, ensuring that the corners are smoothed to eliminate snagging.  Add traction capability by drilling several holes in the surface, and running a sander across the face for texture.
  • Installation — Rivet pedal extension onto existing pedal, and rivet dead pedal into floor board.
  • Enjoy responsibly!!!

(Thanks for the great tip Brad!)