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Why DIY steel gifts are great

Steel is a great multipurpose metal for creating a wide range of gifts. It is one of the most commonly present materials in the world. Because of its high tensile strength and unparalleled versatility, it can be used for almost anything.

Whether you want to make something durable and practical, or more delicate and aesthetic, steel is an excellent choice. Show your creative side and make something truly unique for the people you love with DIY steel gifts.

There are four types of steel that give you different properties, depending on what you are trying to make. Those can be remembered with the acronym C.A.S.T., which is short for:

Carbon steel

Alloy steel

Stainless steel

Tool steel

If you are looking for more detailed information about those, check out our post on Understanding Steel.

We have some examples of projects for inspiration, as well as DIY blog posts that you can utilize!

Carbon Steel

This is one of the most popular options for DIY steel gifts. Carbon steel tends to be inexpensive, easy to work, and easy to weld. It can be easily painted, or left blank for a more rural or industrial look.

Within carbon steel, we’ve also got two more specific finishes.

Cold Roll

Cold finished steel provides a superior surface finish, excellent dimensional tolerance, precise shapes, and is easy to work or weld. It is both elegant and clean while still weighty and durable.

Hot Roll

Hot rolled steel is a highly cost-effective choice for gifts where precise shapes and tolerances are not essential. It is durable, easy to work, easy to weld, and the cheapest steel option. Hot finished steel also provides a level of weight a durability hard to match, if that’s what your gift calls for.

Alloy Steel

Alloy steel is often used for high performance applications. Because of this, it is a bit less common for DIY steel gifts unless they are high stress, high utility gifts. But, if you are looking for something that has an appearance of delicacy but actually has high strength, alloy steel is an excellent choice.

Stainless Steel

Known for its shimmer, strength, and sterile applications, stainless offers good resistance to corrosion. Its general formability and weldability makes it a popular choice for both structural and design applications. It is a little more challenging to work and weld than other types of steel. But if you are prepared it’s not actually difficult.

Tool Steel

Tool Steel has a distinctive hardness that lets it keep an edge and gives it durability. As the name says, this is the steel best used to make tools. If you’re making knives, axes, or other custom tools, this is what you want to use.

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