DIY Steel Gift Ideas

Why Steel

Steel is a multipurpose metal for creating a wide range of gifts. This cool-toned metal is one of the most commonly present materials in the world, being widely used for its high tensile strength and unparalleled versatility. Applied to anything from structural construction to detailed aesthetic designs, steel comes in a vast range of grades that allows this metal to be used in almost any application. Steel is also has the capability to be fully recycled at the end of its long life, so you can create a gift that is durable, beautiful, and environmentally friendly. The diverse range of steel alloys allows you to find the perfect material for your gift. Whether you need an extremely strong, specialized material or are looking for an inexpensive option that retains many beneficial properties, there is a steel out there for you.

Steel Gift Ideas

We’ve gathered up some steel-made gift inspirations to help you find with a one-of-a-kind gift that is sure to make a memorable this Holiday. These project ideas range from expert to DIY and from large to small. So whether you’re a beginner in metal working or a pro, rushing to get something done, or wanting to take on a large project, there’s a gift idea out there for you.

We offer stainlesscold rollhot roll, and tool steel alloys. Each alloy is available in a variety of shapes and types from sheet and plates to tubes, flat bars, and round rods – all can be cut-to-size with no minimum order quantities, allowing you to purchase just the perfect amount for your gift, saving you time and money.

Tool Steel

Its distinctive hardness, resistance to abrasion, and ability to hold a cutting edge at elevated temperatures, makes tool steel particularly compatible for creating tools, shaping other metals, and making knives, axes and other weaponry. Shop Tool Steel >

Stainless Steel

Known for its shimmer, strength, and sterile applications, stainless offers good resistance to corrosion. Its general formability and weldability makes it a popular choice for both structural and design applications. Shop Stainless Steel >

Cold Finished Steel

A great selection for gifts requiring a little more glitz and precision, cold finished or cold rolled steel provides a superior surface finish, excellent dimensional tolerance, precise shapes, and improved straightness when compared to hot rolled steel. Shop Cold Finished Steel >

Hot Rolled Steel

If you’re looking more a more inexpensive option than cold finished steel, hot rolled steel is an excellent cost-effective choice for gifts where precise shapes and tolerances are not essential, or for internal use where the aesthetics of cold finished stainless are not required. Shop Hot Rolled Steel >