DIY Titanium Ring

Titanium is one of the most prized metals in the world. From jewelry to medical equipment, aviation and marine engineering, titanium is useful in any industry. It is as strong as steel yet light and known for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio. It’s naturally corrosion resistant and extremely durable.

Titanium rings and bands are a popular but uncommon alternative to gold and silver. Naturally, the metal is a grayish color, but it can be polished bright. It’s hypo-allergenic, incredibly strong, maintains its shape, and won’t bend or break.

For those with the desire and skill, crafting a ring from titanium is well worth the effort! Follow these instructions by instructables contributor Mrballeng to create a brilliant band for yourself or your sweetheart.

diy titanium ring

Materials and tools

Alternative Materials


While this can all be done with hand tools, we advise you use these:

  • Lathe
  • Drill press
  • Buffing wheel
  • Polishing compound
  • Hammer
  • Tapered mandrels about the same diameter as your finger
  • Files
  • Sandpaper of 800-2000 grit


Step 1: Cut piece

Trace a circle in the size you want, ideally near the corner of the titanium sheet. We suggest using a penny as your template.

diy titanium ring

Drill numerous hole very close together around the circle. Then break it off in a vice.

diy titanium ring

STEP 2: Set up for the lathe

Drill a pilot hole, then proceed to a 1/4″ bit. Mount the ring on a nut and bolt, making it ready for the lathe.

diy titanium ring 

STEP 3: Machine it down

Machine the piece down until you think it looks good. The piece in the images was about .75″ in diameter when it was finished.

diy titanium ring

STEP 4: Size your ring

Fit the disc with some sort of tapered mandrel going through the center hole. Hammer the disc down the mandrel to expand it.

diy titanium ring

Keep in mind that while you’re hammering the ring it will have sharp edges. As you’re trying on the ring these edges will catch on your finger. Be careful and avoid cutting yourself. Also, the lip will make the ring feel smaller than it really is.

diy titanium ring

Remember you can always keep hammering but you cannot shrink the ring. Make sure to check that you’re not over-hammering any single section of the ring. It should have an even thickness all the way around.

diy titanium ring

STEP 5: Comfort fit

Once the ring is the proper size, put it in your lathe. You can use nickels to help keep the ring flush and even.

diy titanium ring

USE EXTREME CAUTION! A flying ring bouncing off a lathe at 1100 RPM can land you in the emergency room.

Round over the edges on both the inside and out.

diy titanium ring

STEP 6: Initial polish

Mount the ring on a socket holder then insert it into the lather. Make sure you don’t press it on with too much force, or you can split the ring. Polish the outside with a coarser grit sandpaper, then work your way up to 2000 grit.

diy titanium ring

Once the ring is sanded on the outside you can use tape to keep it from getting scratched by the jaws. Start with 800 grit sandpaper, then use 1000 grit followed by 2000 grit.

diy titanium ring

STEP 7: Final polish

Lastly, use polishing compound with a buffing wheel to shine up the ring.
diy titanium ring

diy titanium ring


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