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Today we celebrate 46 years of stewardship.

From 1970 to 2016, the annual celebration of Earth Day has been and will continue to be a reminder to everyone that our world is full of amazing materials for creation. Today, on Earth Day 2016, we must also remember the responsibility and stewardship in sustainability. Whether it is Aluminum, Copper, Titanium or Steel, metals are resources of the earth that construct our cities, cars, cell phones and more. Today we celebrate the earth that has sustained the resources to create.

The Earth’s metals are advancing innovation in sustainability.

Metalworking isn’t always clean, whether its forging iron in a hot furnace or cleaning the shavings of a fresh cut Aluminum Sheet. Metalworking is frequently mistaken as the enemy of Earth Day and a contributor to pollution. On the contrary, metal has reshaped the possibilities in renewable energy and environmental cleanliness. Here are OnlineMetals’ favorite metal innovations for Earth Day 2016.


When it comes to solar panels, you may think it requires a number of rare earth elements including crystals, silicon or gold. What you might not know is the importance of copper and aluminum in the creating solar panels! Aluminum and Copper are now replacing silver and other expensive elements in creation of solar panels making solar energy significantly more cost effective and available to anyone. In the last year, breakthroughs in cell structure have allowed many companies to simplify production processes using aluminum which can be easily recycled.


With more and more advancements in wind technology, wind turbines continue to become more and more feasible for cities on a mass scale, and even for individual homes. Wind Turbines are generally made of Steel, Aluminum and Copper, and are the pride and joy of energy producing metalworking. This Earth Day 2016, many readers of this article will be using computers and devices powered by wind generated electricity.



Many makers around the world have also taken the task to advance sustainability using simple materials such as Aluminum Tube, Titanium Sheet, and Stainless Flat Bar. One great example is the award winning ‘Wing’ personal windmill – designed for portability, personal electronic use and is truly innovative.

With metals playing a significant role in the development and advancement of sustainable energy production, OnlineMetals is proud to continue to supply the materials that promote scientific research and build new creations!

Happy Earth Day and keep on innovating!