Easy Holiday Gifts for Makers

The holidays are here and the countdown to Christmas is ticking away! The time has come to round up ideas for easy holiday gifts for makers! When there’s not quite enough time to make something yourself, but you still want to include a personalized and thoughtful gift for the DIY guy or gal on your list, think about gifts that will help them indulge their passion!
One of the easiest gifts to give is one that keeps on giving! That is, the gift of knowledge. Whether your DIYer is aspiring or experienced, she can always use more know how. Think about buying a gift certificate for private lessons or a group class at your local art center. This is a great way to leverage your dollars into a future reward. Plus, Education is a gift that leaves no waste.
Here’s some ideas from the Seattle area where you can find various classes open to any skill level.

Easy Holiday Gifts for Makers – Certificates

A number of studios around town offer beginner through advanced courses and open studio time for anyone interested in learning about metal arts. Here’s a few options:

    • TinderHeart Metals and Design – located at Equinox Studios in the South Seattle Georgetown area. Owned by Alair Wells, with 20 years of metalworking experience around the United States, TinderHeart Metals and Design offers Metalworking and welding lessons for just $30/hour and can be done with up to 4 friends at a time. It’s creative, fun, community building and empowering for any and all people. Gift certificates can be purchased and given as gifts.


    • HazardFactory of All Metal Arts located in South Park, just south of Seattle. Owned by Rusty Oliver, with more than 20 years welding and fabricating experience. Introductory courses start at just $60. Special group sessions are available just for women, who can feel a little bit  intimidated about getting into a metal shop for the first time. Gift certificates are also available.


    • Pratt Fine Art Center – located in between First Hill and the Central District in Seattle. This large center offers a wide variety of classes from fabrication, blacksmithing, and foundry to jewelry making. Courses are available for beginners to professionals.


    • SODO MakerSpace – located south of downtown Seattle.  No membership is required to use the SODO MakerSpace equipment and studio facilities. Simply sign up to learn how to manage the equipment and you’re good to go. Users have access to CNC Router, Laser Cutter and 3-D printing equipment. This gift could allow a person’s dreams turn into a reality, from thoughts, to prototypes, to creations.


Easy Holiday Gifts for Makers – Robotics Kits

arduino-circuit-boardMany of our customers are both professional fabricators as well as hobbyists and students. These are the kinds of makers who like to tinker and will find endless uses for a gift such as a DIY microprocessor. These nifty little creations can be incorporated into a range of projects.

  • Arduino: This inexpensive microprocessor can be used to create all kinds of robotics, bother for personal or educational use.

Arduino powered robotics require all sorts of structural metal pieces, predominantly aluminum channel, tube and sheet.
For example, check out this robotic AT-AT made held with an aluminum interior chassis and powered with Arduino interface.

  • Raspberry Pi: Similar to Arduino, Raspberry Pi is also a simple microprocessor with the sole purpose to give anyone the freedom to create.

Both the Arduino and the Rasperry Pi can be purchased online, with just enough time to get them delivered before the holidays! Both kids and adults will have an excellent 2016 learning how to develop projects that incorporate these DIY microprocessors.
Whether you choose the gift of education and classes or robotics kits,these super easy holiday gifts for makers will put you at the top of the best gift givers list for your DIYer this year!