Elements of Ingenuity: Vagabond Metalworks

Employing Elements of Ingenuity from Online Metals, Vagabond Metalworks is reviving a metalworking renaissance to create unique, wearable metal pieces. Online Metals‘ materials are inspiring innovation and creativity in every industry around the globe. We are proud to be the metal and plastics supplier of choice for professionals, jewelry makers, hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts, inventors, start-ups, small businesses and makers around the globe. Its always exciting to see the ingenuity and imagination our customers exhibit, creating with metals and plastics from Online Metals.

We are excited to showcase Vagabond Metalworks to spark your creativity and inspire your next project.


Vagabond Metalworks, based in Maryland, specializes in handcrafted, one of a kind, easy to wear jewelry, masks, crowns and more. Utilizing copper, brass and stainless steel from Online Metals, Vagabond Metalworks is creating pieces that are more than just beautiful, they are pieces of art.

Formally trained as a metalsmith and coppersmith, Kest Schwartzman, was in need of a mask for a party. Utilizing her skill she created her own unique piece. That mask’s popularity and praise inspired a brand and allowed Kest to start her own company and follow her passion.

“I love copper. I love how forgiving it is, I love its flexibility, I love the way it moves, I love its strength, and the fact that once I’ve stopped moving it, it stops moving. Hell, I even love the way it smells.”

 – Kest Schwartzman



We asked Kest Schwartzman for any tips or insights she would share with others who work or want to work with metal. Here is what she had to offer.

“Train yourself not to try to grab things if they start to fall. The ground will be fine, but that thing is probably either hot or sharp, and you’re gonna want that hand later.”


“Wear a mask when producing dust. Wear hearing protection ALL THE TIME – that damage adds up.”


“One stupid mistake is fine. After the second one, it’s time to call it a day.”


“Use the right size hammer. Your arm will thank you.”


“Oh, and one tip in regards to actually making things: If it’s not working, try hitting harder.”

 – Kest Schwartzman


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