EnviroStars 5-Star Certification + Sustainability News

EnviroStars OnlineMetals is honored to be the first company in the City of Seattle in our business category to earn the prestigious 5-Star Rating for sustainability practices from EnviroStars. Following a rigorous certification process, EnviroStars (a cooperative, multi-agency organization) certifies the environmental practices of businesses using hazardous materials or producing hazardous waste in the state of Washington.
“This is Washington State’s diamond standard for recognizing a company’s commitment to sustainable practices,” said Shawn Lynam, President at OnlineMetals. “To be the first company in Seattle that specializes in materials distribution to achieve this 5-Star certification is an honor that recognizes each team member’s everyday efforts toward environmental responsibility in the office and warehouse.”
OnlineMetals EnviroStar Certification FacebookTo earn the certification OnlineMetals has made efforts to eliminate hazardous chemicals in the shop, reduce material waste- including moving more products up the chain from recycling to reuse, protect workers, operate more efficiently, and to provide customers with a safer product, service and place to live in Seattle.
Companies can earn an EnviroStars certification rating from two to five stars, with the highest rating reserved for businesses with the most thoroughly sustainable practices. Five-Star recipients are cited for demonstrating leadership on environmental issues beyond their own facilities, including within their industry, organization and community, according to the EnviroStars company statement (www.envirostars.org/faq2.aspx).
The OnlineMetals team focused company efforts in a recent three-month long initiative to meet the program requirements and achieve its EnviroStars certification. Ongoing efforts and policies will ensure that sustainable practices are maintained and continuously optimized.

Casey Clapper, EnviroStar Project Manager

Casey Clapper, EnviroStar “Captain” at OnlineMetals Seattle

“This is a committed team that loves Seattle and our natural environment,” said Casey Clapper, Warehouse and Safety Supervisor in charge of the initiative. “We’re thrilled that our efforts to reduce waste and use environment-friendly products are helping to protect our waterways and saving company resources as well.”
Sustainable Recycling at OnlineMetals Seattle
For more information about the EnviroStars program, including locating certified businesses to work with, and how you can get started on improving the environment and saving money visit www.envirostars.org.
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