Events: Making Abroad?

Whether you have travel plans this month, or friends and family abroad who are looking for fun events, there are Maker Faires to attend worldwide!

Robotic Drone - Chris Anderson - CEO 3D Robotics

3D Robotics CEO, Chis Anderson, will be speaking in Shenzhen this weekend – The company is a pioneer in personal drones and UAV technology.

1. Maker Fair Shenzen
What: Exhibition, workshops, DIY demonstrations of robotics, machines and crafts.
When/Where: April 6-7, 2014 | Shekou, Shenzhen Nanhai / Shenzhen, China

2. Maker Faire UK
What: Makers ranging from tech enthusiasts to crafters and homesteaders, to scientists and garage tinkerers displaying how-tos and invention showcase.
When/Where: April 26-27 |  Newcastle UK
:: Need Some Maker Projects Parts? ::
Aluminum Perforated Sheet

Dimensions of Aluminum Perforated Sheet

Are you getting an exhibition project together and looking for parts for your own robots? Many of our customers use Aluminum Perforated Sheet for platforms and body construction. This lightweight material can be used with small motors and constructed with simple nuts and bolts. No welding skills required!
Available in sheets as small as 12″x12″ and as thin as .063″, the material is flexible for a variety of small scale projects.