Father's Day Gift Ideas: #1

Dad’s big day is just around the corner. Now is the time to do a little planning and get some Father’s Day gift ideas in the hopper! There’s a number of dads here at OnlineMetals, so we took a survey to find out what they would want for Father’s Day if their families were to make all their special day’s dreams come true! See what “Super Sports Dad”, “King of the Backyard Dad” and others say they want this year!
If you’ve got a dad (or your’re helping the kids with a gift) that’s like one of these guys, you’ll love these Father’s Day gift ideas! (P.S. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st)

Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Staff Picks!

DAD PROFILE: KING OF THE BACKYARD DADThis kind of dad waits all year for the perfect weather to spend all non-working hours lounging in the glory of his well-tended backyard kingdom! (If he lives on the coast of California or Florida of course he’s king all year long!) When the sun comes out and the temps warm up, this dad is in full bloom. Help him own it with the perfect summer-time Father’s Day gift ideas!
Matt’s Picks:

  • •Succulent plant arrangement (tip- check Pinterest for cool ideas!)
  • •Patio furniture (maybe a gift card so dad can match it perfect to his fantasy)
  • •Copper rain chimes — easy on the budget and easy to find at a top-notch garden store

DAD PROFILE: SUPER SPORTS DAD – This kind of dad works double-time as the enabler of all sports interests for the kids. He’s coaching pee-wees, having balls launched at his head in the backyard, and taping paddles to the infant’s hands to give them a leg-up in the hand-eye coordination department in the future! Super Sports Dad’s Father’s Day gift ideas are sports gear for the kids! (Don’t worry, his day will come when the last one graduates from college on a full-ride sports scholarship.)
Shawn’s Picks:

DAD PROFILE: SHOP MONKEY DAD – This kind of dad can be found out in the garage working on combustion-engine-powered-toys, building his own shop furniture, and generally dismantling and re-assembling contraptions to “make them work better.” The best Father’s Day gift idea for this dad is a tool that helps him be the maker he dreams he is!
Brad’s Picks:

  • •TIG Welder – recommended because it can be used to weld all of the metals available at OnlineMetals.com with a simple change of the filler rod and few setting tweaks. Price ranges from $500-$1,000, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase that will last as long as dad does!

DAD PROFILE: CHILLIN’ ON THE WEIGHT BENCH DAD This kind of dad sneaks in a few reps on the workout bench as often as possible. He’s also just as likely to steel a glimpse of the ol’ “bis” in the mirror when ever possible. Flexing slyly as he passes any handy reflecting surface! This dad sneaks in the workouts by doing any and all heavy lifting chores he can find. And, he’s not beyond making them up if necessary. After all, it’s functional fitness! The Father’s Day gift idea for this dad is something for summer that will help him  enjoy the great weather and show-off the results of all his hard work.
Neal’s Pics:

  • •An assortment of new tank tops for various occasions – “Sun’s out guns out!”