The FIRST Robotics Competition is upon us!

What is the FIRST Robotics Competition?

First started in 1989, it is a competition where teams of high school students built robots to complete games. These robots can weigh up to 125 lbs and must be designed and built within a six-week period. It is just before the start of this six-week period that the scenario and rules for the games are laid out. In 2018, 3,647 teams competed. These teams, from 27 countries, consisted of over 91,000 students! The goal of the competitions is to promote STEM education, cooperation, robotics, and “gracious professionalism.”

30 Years!

2019 marks 30 years of FIRST Robotics Competition! Online Metals has been working with various teams for years, and we’re always thrilled to see what they come up with. The theme of this year’s competition is deep space exploration. As somebody who is a lifelong space junkie, this makes me particularly happy. Check out the video explaining the rules and scenario below!

To help out, we’re giving special discounts to FIRST teams. Also, over the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting some of the teams we work with. We’d also love to show off any other teams who may be buying material from us but we don’t know it. If you’re on a FIRST Robotics Competition team, reach out to us and show us what creative and high tech machines you are creating!

We wish the best of luck to everyone involved!

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