Meet Team 4469!

Today, we wanted to introduce you to a local FIRST Robotics team from just south of our Seattle office.

Hailing from Thomas Jefferson High School in Federal Way, WA, Team 4469 is also known as RAID Robotics! Short for “Raider Artificial Intelligence Division,” the main goals of the team are to educate students. However, they emphasize that their objective goes beyond just STEM education. Specifically, they want to teach the dozens of students on the team “leadership, marketing, communication, business, and more” to complement their technical skills.

Team 4469 sent us some pictures showing the start of the work. Since the robot has only recently started being built, and they don’t want to risk giving off any design secrets to other teams on accident, there isn’t a huge amount to show at present.

team 4469

The starting frame of the Raider robot!

Welcome to the games

As I mentioned in my blog post about the FIRST Robotics Competition, it has been around since 1989. Team 4469’s premier season was 2013, making them relative newcomers to the competition. However, despite this newness they have done well for themselves. For the last four years they have made it to the Pacific Northwest Regional Championships.

team 4469

Team 4469 is an extracurricular club, and so all of its work is done outside of normal class time. Also, they will accept other students onto the team from other high schools without FIRST teams. How gracious of them and perfectly in the spirit of the competition!

You can also see some of their previous robot designs here.

team 4469

The CNC machine begins to work on the cutouts for the robotYou can learn more about Team 4469 or see how you can help if you’re local at their website.

Online Metals is happy to provide Team 4469 and many others their materials. We wish them all the best of success in this competition as well as their future endeavors!

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