fsae spinout

We received this email and video from a Cody, a customer who used some of our 5052-H32 aluminum sheet for an FSAE race car:

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for making sure I got my order in time. UPS showed up around 7 pm on Friday.
The reason I was a bit anxious about getting it was because it is the floor on my race car which protects the fuel tank, pump, and fuel lines.

I was using it to replace a different piece that offers less protection. As it turns out, on Saturday when I was driving, I spun, and slid the car over a curb, tearing off the sidepod, and putting a huge gash in the newly installed floor plate. Had it not been there, there would have been a serious risk of a fire.

The spin happens about 3 minutes in. Right after I spun I thought, wow, good thing I put that new floor in!”


Wow! We’re glad that you and the car are okay. We’re also glad that our metal helped keep you both safe.

Thanks for the video, and drive safely folks, on the track or off!

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