Get Full Size Metals Easily!

Ordering full size metal is now easier than ever!

No longer do you need to worry about contacting the sales team to make sure the pricing and freight options are correct. Now, just select the length and quantity that you want directly on the product page. Pricing will be listed there.

For most long pieces, 144″ will be a full size. But for some, especially tubing, go up to 300″.

full size metals

Additionally, we’ve completely updated how you select full size shipping. You can now select freight on the shipping page directly! And the listed pricing is live, so you can always have an accurate picture of what the cost is going to be. Our freight rates are also extremely competitive!

We use a few different less-than-truckload (LTL) services for all of our freight shipping. If you have any issues around your delivery location that may impact a freight truck, please contact us. We work with our carriers to make sure that things arrive as smoothly as possible and in a timely manner.

Also, if you are near one of our six warehouses, you can will call these larger orders! If you apply for online order pickup, your shipping page will look like this. Though the freight cost will likely be different depending on what is contained in your order. For this example, the material in question is a bundle of 20 foot long steel tubing.

full length

UPS vs LTL Carriers

It is also worth noting that for long pieces, UPS will ship up to 96″. For sheet, 36″ x 48″ is the largest that they will ship. As such, any material that is longer or larger than those sizes will have to either be will called or shipped via LTL services.

If you have any further questions, contact us!

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