The Future of Metals | Brass

BRASS_FUTURE OF METALS_blog_headerWhere does brass originate from? What will the future of metals look like? Ancient metals of the earth played an integral role in our past and shaping the history of humanity, make possible the technology of the present, and promise possibilities of innovation for the future. Let’s take a look at the past, present, and future of brass.

Brass from the Past

Brass, the ultimate metal alloy of aesthetics, finds its roots in as early as 2000 B.C. as rough alloy combination of zinc and copper. Once known as “copper of the mountain” or “golden copper” – the golden shimmer of brass has been appreciated for centuries. In terms of value, brass has always been seen as secondary to gold and silver, and is far more commonly available than other precious metals. This lead to brass becoming a popular metal for coinage over the last 2000 years. Et in Arcadia Ego

Brass in the Present

Today, brass is commonly uses to in musical instruments, munitions and even door knobs. As seen in the fantastic fabrication of a brass tuba or a timpani drum, brass is very malleable and relatively easy to cast and shape using metal working techniques developed over the last 100 years. Using high powered magnets, brass can be entirely recycled to create new projects. While our technology in metalworking, milling and fabricating has changed, brass has evolved too. Prior to the mid 20th century, commercialized brass forging did not exist and the brass working process often took significant work in order to create the purest copper-lead brass alloys. Brass Banner

The Future of Brass

With incredible working properties and recycling potentials, Brass continues to be used in fabrication of all sorts. Likely, it will continue to do so in the future of metals. Recently, brass has become more and more popular as a material for DIY home projects like using brass flat bar for picture frames or brass tube for light fixtures. With the creation of DIY projects and new methods of working with brass, the future of metals is exciting and very hopeful. Model Heisler Steam Locomotive by Bill Scales

Starting a New Project?

Brass is easier to work with among other metals and is available in all sorts of shapes and sizes including sheet or tube at Online Metals. If you’re starting a new DIY project and looking for some metal with a golden shimmer, brass is the right choice for you!