Make a gift that really stands out. One that will last and share your craft and skill. We have gathered together some ideas of what you can do with galvanized steel and weathering steel (also referred to as corten steel) to create unconventional gifts that are actually useful and can add value to your home!

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel sheet offers excellent corrosion resistance because of its durable zinc coating.

Because of its high corrosion resistance, it is a prefect option for DIY outdoor gifts. Galvanized steel has excellent weldability, moderate machinability, and cannot be heat treated. It is relatively inexpensive and holds magnetic properties.

This makes it perfect for magnetic photo and note boards, even dartboards. Our DIY Magnetic Dartboard is a dramatic and impressive gift! It looks great in a bar or game areas, and because its made from galvanized steel, it works perfectly for outdoor spaces.

Weathering Steel

Hot Rolled Weathering Steel, also known as COR-TEN®, has a high corrosion resistance and produces a rusted finish that is popular in architecture and sculptures. Specifically, as the material is exposed to the elements, this oxidized layer will protect the metal below it. So even though it has this attractive orange rusted layer, it prevents the rest of the metal from degrading.

Outdoor DIY gifts are really best for weathering steel. Torches, plant pots, firepits, and more are all popular things to make from weathering steel.

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