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Swords, armor, tools, crowns, decorations, coins, and badges of office… Metal is everywhere in Game of Thrones. With the imminent arrival of the final season *wipes a tear away* we thought we’d pay our own unique tribute to this amazing series. Read on for our take on some of the Great Houses and what metals we think represent them best!

game of thrones

The once-great conquerors of Westeros, this fallen House truly embodies the duality of creation and destruction. Everything about them covers both sides of the coin. Fire can be used to cook food, provide life-saving heat, and forge metals. Blood and sweat spent in hard work can build civilizations. But fire also razes cities to the ground, and blood accompanies death and war. Great figures such as Daenerys, Mother of Dragons, bears the storied name of Targaryen. But so do Aerys the Mad King and Daenerys’ vile brother Viserys. This family is blessed by vitality and power, but cursed with madness. The Iron Throne, the throne being fought over for the duration of this series, was forged with the fire of a dragon to simultaneously symbolize the end of war and to remind kings how dangerous their position truly is.

For these reasons, the best metal to represent House Targaryen is Nickel. Much like Daenerys herself, nickel is a highly versatile element and can be alloyed and work with most metals. It is strong, and handles extreme heat. Fire does not kill a dragon or nickel.  Nickel also embodies the dual role of creation and destruction. It is commonly used in decoration, desalinization plants, civilian aircraft and more. But it is also used in armor plating, combat jets, and in the batteries that power some of the most advanced weapons dreamed up by mankind.

game of thrones

The Starks are always right eventually, winter is coming. The Wardens of the North share many of the qualities of aluminum. Both the Starks and aluminum are strong and resilient for their size. The Lords of Winterfell avoid ostentatious presentation, but can put on a good show. Aluminum isn’t a “fancy” metal but it can be polished up to be stunning. Also like the the Starks, this metal excels in the cold. It maintains its strength and properties, and is particularly useful in sub-zero conditions.

While they may lack the raw brute force of the Targaryens, or the flash and flair of the Lannisters, it is the Starks (and aluminum) that are some of the most reliable and steadfast people you will ever meet.

game of thrones

The gold mines in their lands make the Lannisters one of the most wealthy and flamboyant of the Great Houses. Their wealth and steadfastness has resulted in many mistakenly believe that their motto is “A Lannister always pays his debts.” For these reasons and more, titanium is the best metal for the Lions of Casterly Rock. A strong, tough, but extremely expensive metal, these attributes are embodied by the Lannisters. Further, titanium is versatile and malleable, like the Lannisters are morally malleable. Through bending and scheming as needed during the reigns of both Targaryen and Baratheon, they managed to play both sides and remain strong and wealthy.

Lastly, Casterly Rock, like titanium, has proven extremely resilient to heat. After being exposed to dragon fire, the castle still stands. Titanium is regularly used in jet engines, where its strength doesn’t falter even under extreme heat and pressure.

game of thrones

The natives of the Iron Islands, known far and wide as the ironborn, are described as a hard people, strong, cold, grey, unbending, and resistant to the harshness of the sea. All of these qualities are shared by stainless steel.

Stainless steel, particularly T-316, is used to combat corrosion in saltwater environments. It is considered the premium material for marine construction and is used in ships all over the world. The longships of House Greyjoy’s Iron Fleet constantly ply the salty waves of the sea, and its fearless raiders don steel armor to give them an edge in boarding actions, despite the increased risk of drowning. Iron ore deposits are the largest material wealth of the Iron Islands. It is the strong backbone which the Greyjoys use to build their power from. In the same way, iron is the metal used to make stainless steel. Their ships take them far and wide across the world, as stainless steel has spread to become one of the most common metals in the world.

game of thrones

This might be cheating a bit, but hear us out. The best material for House Martell is not metal at all, but plastic. Martell, due to their resentment of the Lannisters, stands alone from the other Great Houses. Much like plastic stands apart from metal. The Martells are strong but flexible, bending and proving adaptable to any situation they need. They play all sides in the Game of Thrones but they also simultaneously scheme to bring back the Targaryens. Plastics come in practically every shape and size. They can be used in any situation from spacecraft to the cheap toys children play with. But regardless of the situation, and any setbacks or flaws, plastics, as well as the children of Nymeria, endure and show their strongest qualities.

game of thrones

The Lords of the Reach are a proud people. They boast of their wealth, second only to the Lannisters, and their strength, which rivals the Crown. Bronze ideally suits the Wardens of the South. It is a metal that has been used for dramatic art as well as weapons for thousands of years. The sigil of House Tyrell is of a golden rose on a green field. The rose is a flower that is beautiful but also conceals the ability to wound you. Bronze is the same. It is used to make statues, coins, medals, and blades. Bronze is expensive, a symbol of wealth, but also strong and reliable, like House Tyrell. They are also strong contestants in the Game of Thrones, but unlikely to come in first. Possibly third place?

The Defenders of the Marches also hold themselves up as the flower of chivalry. Music is an essential part of courtly life, and bronze in turn is an essential part of music. Countless instruments throughout history up until the modern day are made from bronze. Furthermore, bronze is corrosion resistant and has been used in ships for thousands of years. The Tyrell fleet is arguably the only fleet that surpasses the Royal Fleet in strength. Lastly, bronze, when exposed to water or aged, turns green like the fields of Tyrell’s sigil.

What next?

With the end of Game of Thrones almost upon us, we’ve been debating here in the office about what shows to binge watch next.

I, the author of this post, am a fanatic for The Expanse, and a big fan of Westworld but those are sci-fi. Evan suggests Vikings for something in a Game of Thrones vein, but apparently that’s drawing to a close soon as well. We’ve heard good things about Outlander  and The Last Kingdom. Those are both on season 4 and still going!

What do you think? Got suggestions? Drop us a line and let us know what we should watch after this saga of Westeros ends!

Also, some of our customers have been inspired by shows like this to make their own armor. One of those people was a winner a competition we did back in in 2017. Similarly, we got some armor and swords in a contest last year that were great! If you’ve made armor or swords, axes, etc, we want to see them!

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