A couple of the people in the office are true gardening fanatics. And a big part of their love is the customization allowed by garden art.

Our colleague Kim particularly enjoys decorative trellises and other pieces that are hidden during the summer and early fall as her plants are flowering. Then when the fallow season rolls around her plants recede and reveal the beautiful things she placed there before. It makes the garden attractive and dynamic even when its mostly asleep for the winter. And it also allows for her to hide things as a surprise to be revealed months later.

This is where copper comes in. It is beautiful, easy to work, classic, versatile, and also changing. As the time and seasons pass, your copper garden art can develop ever changing and attractive patinas. Or they can be polished and sealed to always retain that warm sheen.

With a patina that evolves from bright showy orange, to a deep mature green, copper is an elemental material that evolves with your landscape over a lifetime.

It is fun to see the colors revealed, looking different than they did when you installed them!

Check out these ideas for some inspiration and add some gorgeous copper garden art!

1 – Build a trellis from copper tube

This copper tube trellis will age beautifully over time, complementing any foliage and standing dramatically when in the fallow season.

garden art trellis

2 – Construct raised planter beds out of copper sheet

These can be polished to maintain a sleek and modernist aesthetic like in these pictures. Or if it patinas, it will provide a more rustic look.

garden art raised bed

3 – Make plant name tags with thin copper sheet or copper tape.

These can be as simple or complex as you’d like them to be! And because copper is easy to work, a few simple tools are all you need. Help remember your plants with flair and style.

garden art plant name tags

4 – Refinish a gazebo, grilling station, or shed with copper roofing sheet

While this is certainly the most work-intensive option, it is also the one that truly allows your inner engineer to shine. A well-done copper roof is a real attention grabber!

Copper Sheet on Garden Shed Roof

With copper roofing, it will start out brilliant and shiny and will develop a unique patina with time. But not only is this roofing material beautiful and unique, but it is also actually corrosion resistant. The patina protects the copper underneath. Because of this, it is a durable roofing material that will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance!

garden art grill station

garden art gazebo

Would you like to know more?

We’ve got plenty of information about copper and working copper! Are you perhaps welding some of your fancy garden art? If so, check out our article about the weldability of copper!

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