Gifts for Makers | Last-minute Holiday Idea

gifts-for-makers-banner The last thing any crafter, hacker, tinkerer, maker or hobbyist wants under the tree this year is a ready-made object to tuck away in a dusty curio shelf. The best gifts for makers are ones that engage their sense of discovery and grow their skills.  That’s why the gift of knowledge will be “the big one” on his or her list this year.
You’ll be the hero. And your maker will be reveling in new ideas! Plus, gift certificates are a cinch to get at the last minute.  And most can be purchased online and delivered via email or printable certificate.
Many different types of lessons make great gifts for makers. Anything from “how to build a robot,” to “how to pair food and wine” will be a hit with these folks. This is a gift that also can come with many sized price-tags. So, no matter your budget, some kind of class can be found.
Very inexpensive group lessons can be found at community centers and community colleges. These organizations offer continuing education courses in anything from arts, to metal shop and travel. Try looking at your neighborhood parks department or arts center for upcoming workshops as well. This is also a great way to give back to your community while gift giving.
For more spectacular budgets, great gifts for makers could include a “mini apprenticeship” with a professional craftsman that’s willing to provide a series of private lessons! Many craftspeople also support themselves by offering group lessons at more affordable rates. To find a craftsperson shop near you, try googling terms such as “metal shop classes Seattle” (sub Your Town for Seattle;); “jewelry making classes Seattle”; “robot making classes Seattle”; and so on!


Take-home project from All Metal Arts Class – “Tim Burton Inspired jewelry Tree”

If you do happen to be looking for gifts for makers in Seattle, I can recommend buying a gift certificate from local studio, All Metal Arts. I recently took a crash course in welding from instructor Rusty Oliver, and was thrilled. As a professional artist Rusty has a talent for crafting original works, but he is also a gifted teacher. The 3-hour course made learning to melt steel a snap!
At under $100 a gift certificate to the class will make you the favorite gifter of any recipient. Obviously you shouldn’t expect your maker to create a work of art right away! But, inspiring any potential new developments is a priceless gift in itself!