Give the Gift of Protobox!


Lift up your loved ones’ holiday spirit with something handmade with love this year! Our Protoboxes can be gifted to an aspiring fabricator or welder, or could even be used to make that trinket, sculpture, or ornament you’ve been thinking about making for years. With options in aluminum, brass, copper, mild steel, stainless steeland plastic the opportunities are endless.

If you are unfamiliar with what a Protobox is, check out our introduction blog post for more details.

Our Gifting Recommendations

For the Aspiring Welder: Mild Steel + Stainless Steel

For the Metal Sculptor:  Mild Steel + Aluminum

For the Machinist / Tinkerer: Stainless Steel +Brass

For the Maker / Hobbyist: Aluminum + Plastic

For the Aspiring Jeweler: Copper + Brass

What Are The Pros Using Protoboxes For?

House of Chop | Auto Restoration & Welding Enthusiast

Barbie The Welder | Metal Sculptor

Works By Solo | Tinkerer & Maker of Things

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