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Guide to Aluminum | Part Two

Guide to Aluminum Part 2Aluminum 5052 and 6061 – A guide

Aluminum can be made into shapes, sheets, tubes, rods and more. It is perhaps the most diverse metal we offer and among the most abundant in the world.

In this video guide to Aluminum, we discuss the 5052 and 6061 Alloys and their properties. We will be able to see what makes them so popular among Aluminum metalworkers.


Aluminum 5052

Some key features of the the 5052 Alloy include its non magnetic properties and high corrosive resistance. The 5052 Alloy also has great weldability making it both versatile and dependable. This makes 5052 Sheets a great material for boats, both freshwater and saltwater, and for automobiles.

Aluminum 6061

Also known as aircraft aluminum, the 6061 Alloy is lightweight and frequently used for aircraft fittings. 6061 is certainly versatile and can be found all around the world in camera lenses, couplings, valves, bike frames and more. Aluminum 6061 Pipe is found in many homes as rails, shelving, and many more DIY home projects.


Architectural shapes are also available in Aluminum. These shapes include I-beams in Aluminum Association and American Standard profiles, T-bars, Channel in Aluminium Association and American Standard, plus Architectural profiles, as well as Angle.

To learn more about the different types of Aluminum, check out our Guide to Aluminum Part 1 Video for insights into 2011 Alloy and 2024 Alloy. And stay tuned for more coming soon!