Half Price Shipping Now Nationwide!

USPS mailing service for small packages is now launched for all U.S. customers! cheap-shipping-onlinemetals
Our behind-the-scenes operations masters have been busy crafting new ways to help you do more with less!  When it comes to shipping, we all know the big trucks can’t drive around the country for free all day, but when we find a way to make it more efficient and able to pass the savings along to you… we do it!
One way to get more out of getting stuff to your door is to take advantage of the “If it fits it ships!” program from the USPS, which costs half of the regular amount for the same size package from UPS (average ground rate $13.67).  While UPS is fantastic for large packages, this option is a great way to get small packages out our door for a lot less cash.  Since this program is limited to “it fitting” there’s a couple of rules to follow:

USPS $6.95 Flat Rate Shipping Envelope

Items that fit into this USPS package qualify for Flat Rate Shipping

Q: Is USPS shipping available in my geographic zone?

Q: What size products fit in the envelope?

  • A: The padded envelope (see image above) will accommodate products with the following dimensions:
  • Max diameter = 1.5″; Max length = 12″; Flat items smaller than 9″ x 12″.
  • Item count must also be 3 pieces or less.
  • If you have too many or too large of items in your cart, USPS will NOT show up for you as an option at check-out. 

Q: Is there a weight limit?

  • A: The envelopes are sturdy with contents up to 3 .lbs.

Q: Is there an order amount minimum or maximum?

  • A: Yes, your order must be $30 or less.

Q: Do I need to do anything extra to choose this option?

  • A: No. The web site will automatically calculate whether your order is eligible for USPS Flat Rate shipping based on the size and number of items, and dollar value. It will then appear automatically as an option for you at check-out.
A couple of good examples of qualifying products are Brass 385 Flat Bar and Small Tube Aluminum, as each are typically ordered in small sizes.
If you have any questions about your order the customer care team is available via Instant Web Chat (which appears when you’re in the cart) during business hours.
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