Happy Thanksgiving! Indulge in Some DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

We hope all of our makers and builders are enjoying a lovely holiday with family and friends this weekend. There’s certainly many things to be thankful for this year. As you get together to enjoy your holiday time, your mind may wander to the pending gift list. This year, we encourage you to think about how you can stress less about money and make personalized gifts for everyone on your list!
Skip the lines and mass retailers! Say, no to sameness, blandness and over consumption! Say yes to making and DIY holiday gift ideas!! Giving gifts is a wonderful way to express our thankfulness for family and friends. And giving gifts from the heart makes it even more memorable and satisfying. Even if your creations turn out a little bit lop-sided or extra “unique”, everyone will appreciate the expression.
The one thing to remember about acting on DIY holiday gift ideas is that it does take a bit of time! So, it’s important to prepare ahead of time. The best tip we can offer when trying to make many gifts is to keep it simple! If you can create one gift that fits everyone on your list, all the better! Of course, there will be a couple of special someones that call for a bit more personalization. But that long list of family friends and co-workers can easily be satisfied a singular theme.
For instance, last year, I made all of my family-friends and business associates rosemary infused olive oil, from my garden. Line-up some cute bottles. Pour in the oil and a sprig of rosemary. Nice ribbon and cellophane bag covering. Voila! Done with the lot. And, best of all, everyone loved it.

DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

If you want to make an easy DIY gift idea from metal, here’s a few projects we rounded up to inspire and inform!
In the video tutorial below, you’ll learn how to make metal coasters out of stainless steel sheet. These can be personalized in many ways, including the backing materials. For example, if you have a nature lover, choose cork. For the sophisticate, choose leather. You can always choose colorful foam for fun!
Also, if you’re inspired to put a little more effort into some of them, try etching the material (see link below)! Or, put a mask on the surface and paint your bestie’s monogram! This is a great application for an inexpensive material like aluminum sheet!


Framed Magnetic Board available at

Another super easy DIY holiday gift creation is the magnetic message board. These are super cute in miniature versions too! And, mini-boards can go in anyone’s desk, dresser or work space. So don’t pass by this idea thinking its too large of an object for a gift idea. Mini message boards can stand on an easel or hang from a wall. Learn how to make a DIY magnetic message board here >>
Another fun skill to develop while making DIY holiday gifts is metal etching. This time honored tradition is making a big comeback as casual artists have begun exploring less expensive and toxic materials. Small pieces of copper, steel and brass can easily be turned into key charms or necklace pendants.
Etched Metal Copper Jewelry

Etched copper jewelry pendant

Learn more about safely etching metals here >>
No matter what project you decide to go with, the most important element of the project is fun! Lighten up, relax and enjoy the process of learning something new.
When your friends and family get these unique gifts they’ll be delighted. And, hopefully we’ll be able to inspire all of the world to be thankful for creative DIY holiday gift ideas, and get to making!