How To: Thranduil's Crown – Build Your Own

Many of the makers in our community design and fabricate fantastic jewelry, swords and armor. So, why not an Elven crown? With this project you’ve got your weekend entertainment all lined-up!
This tutorial from Make Magazine is easy to follow along to and makes use of common items, combined with a little ingenuity. You’ll be surprised at how these simple materials transform into a work of art!
If you need a few tools for your Elven crown project, or other jewelry making efforts we might have some items that are useful in our Metal Fabrication Tools section.
Here is a list of the most common tool box items for small craft projects available at

Whether you make the crown of Thranduil or your own unique jewelry creations, we would love to see photos of your projects! Send any photos to sales(at)onlinemetal(dot)com, along with a description of the materials used in your piece.