How To: DIY Industrial Desk

An inexpensive way to craft your own masterpiece! With the basic construction pieces, this desk can be embellished to fit any decor.

DIY industrial desk project with aluminum legs

Hand-Crafted Industrial Desk Embellished with Woven Twine

This original design was created by our own Brittney Saull and can easily be constructed using common tools!  With  a few aluminum tubes, reclaimed plywood, woven twine, and bit of ingenuity you’ll have your own creation to put into use soon!
hand crafted industrial desk with aluminum tube legs

  • Surface: This desk-top is made from plywood that has been cut, glued and sanded.  If you don’t have time (or patience like Brittney does) to laminate wood you can easily substitute an old door or butcher block surface like ones found at IKEA.
  • Legs: Aluminum Tube– can be of any size, depending on the look you are going for.
  • Attaching Legs: Bolt through top of desk attaching the legs using flanges fitted to your Aluminum Tube size. Epoxy tubes into place.
  • Embellish: Do or do not.  Brittney chose to weave raw twine for an organic effect, playing off the light grains in the plywood. Other options could be fabric or rubber tubing, such as reclaimed bicycle tubes.
industrial desk aluminum tube legs

Hand-Crafted Industrial Desk Embellished with Woven Twine