How to Make a DIY Clock (video)

Recently we posted Part 1 of this 2 Part video production on how to make a DIY clock with various materials. In our first video we produced a design made from Perforated Aluminum Sheet and GPO-3 Red Laminate sheet. In this video we show you how to adjust the design to make a mirrored stainless steel clock.

Materials for DIY Clock Project

  • • 12″ x 12″ piece of Stainless Steel #8 Mirrored Sheet
  • •Quartz clock movement kit with over sized 5″ red hands (Dhorcas Design Studio #05) – maker’s note: our clock kit did not come with a hanging mechanism. Make sure yours does or devise an alternate means of hanging.


TIPS: How to Make a DIY Clock Easy!

  • •Use a metal file or heavy duty sandpaper to dull sharp edges on the steel sheet
  • •Drill a hole in the center of your sheet using an appropriately sized metal bit, to match the size of the clock shaft you select
  • •When drilling holes in metal, always use a bit of oil to make the process quicker and to reduce heat
  • •The heat of drilling can also cause the mirrored surface to turn brown, so it is recommended to drill from the back side
  • •It’s OK to use a thin piece of metal, since this is such a heavy material. However, you’ll have a lot of “wiggle room” between the clock face and the body. Make sure to get some washers that are the same size as your clock shaft to fill the space.
  • •Assemble the clock mechanism per the package directions

No matter what your home or office decor, you can easily learn how to make a DIY clock that fits in your space. This basic design can be copied exactly as is, or used as inspiration for your own unique clock design. Here’s a few ideas for design variations to help you come up with your own custom design.

  • •TINY: Make a tiny clock! A small clock can be placed on a desk, shelf, or hung in tight spaces. Also makes a great gift since it’s less of a feature in a decor design.
  • •STACKED: Experiment with layering different shapes – large in back to small on top – to reveal various textures for design appeal.
  • •HUGE!: Use an over sized piece of sheet metal – put the clock face in a corner – use the remaining space for a magnetic message board.
  • •TRANSPARENT: Use acrylic sheet and back light with LED lights for mood effect.