HOW TO: Marine Apps + Cast Nylon

Would you like to stop replacing bearings?  Would you like to reduce maintenance costs? Of course you do! And, here’s some tips on how to get it done using Nylon in Marine applications, including how to machine nylon bearings.
Certain applications are great fits for Cast Nylon (Round Rod & Plate). Here’s the top 10!

  1. Rudder shaft bushings & bearings
  2. Deck winch & capstan bearings
  3. Cable sheaves
  4. Wear pads
  5. Wear plates
  6. Door hinges
  7. Tube bearings
  8. Winch bearings
  9. Rollers
  10. Replace Brass, Bronze, Steel, Cast Iron and Aluminum

Looking to machine Nylon Bearings. Here’s a quick guide to successful production (click image to enlarge):
press fit for machining nylon bearings
*Design note: Nylon will expand due to moisture absorption at a rate of .15 to .20% per 1% absorbed moisture up to 6.5% if completely submerged in water.  This will not be a problem if you design your parts to accommodate some relative expansion in the ID.  If you properly design the part with this in mind it will work very well in a wet environment.
Try Nylatron GSM in ROD or PLATE from stock.  Tubes are also available to meet your requirements…email shawn(dot)lynam(at)onlinemetals(dot)com for price and delivery options on your specific size requirement.
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Still wondering how Nylon Bearings can help you save resources? Here’s the top 10 benefits of replacing your metal bearings with plastic: