Illuminating Metal Design – Style Forward Lighting

Since ancient times, when craftsmen hammered alloys into functional and beautiful forms, humans have turned to metal to fashion lasting fixtures to light our homes and public spaces.
Metal-Lamps-MaterialsWe assume that metal was once chosen for its sturdy and flame resistant qualities, to be used with burning fuels and candles. Today, it’s use continues for the sheer attractive qualities of the medium, as well as the lifetime of enjoyment the objects have to offer.
The various natures of metal types attract a range of design styles. While wrought iron may tend to be fashioned into medieval torches, newer materials such as seamless brass and copper tubing are inspiring today’s modern designs. The ability to purchase materials in prefabricated tubing makes metal an ideal design material. And, the beautiful finishes hold up to functional use in home and commercial settings.
Copper Tube and Brass Tube in Light FixtureOne design firm (that is a favorite customer of OnlineMetals) known for their fashion forward styles and use of metal materials is L&G Studio of Seattle. Of their many products that incorporate metal into its structure, their lighting collection is renowned for its subtlety and versatility.
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The Maru lighting collection is designed to be the “jewelry” of the space in which it resides.  With stacked beads of natural materials, including copper,  and acrylic, the pendants are available in a variety of styles to allow for a custom composition of lights.

Aura lighting from Brass and copper Tube
With the Aura Light collection, the design firm has distilled lighting to the element of function.
The simple bulb and aura (a halo formed from a brass ring) perform the task of illuminating the space with grace and clarity. The fixtures also feature brass or copper bases and are available with a 10″ or 15″ aura.
Aura-cluster-lighting-copper-brass-tubeWhen combined in varying sizes and finishes the lights create a stunningly clean arrangement suitable to nearly any space.
For information on designs and stockists, contact L&G Studios online.
Lighting Photo Gallery from Ladies and Gentleman Studio Collection


Aura lighting in darkened room. From L&G Studios Seattle


From the Aura Collection at L&G Studios Seattle

Maru Pendant Light with copper tube and brass tube beads

Pendant from the Maru collection at L&G Studio