The Ingenuity Awards are officially over! It is inspiring to see the projects our amazing community created.

Truly, our community is what makes this work exciting. Craftsmen, fabricators, engineers, designers, artists, hobbyists, and skilled professionals all take the plain metals we sell and create masterpieces with them. Thank you for joining us in celebrating the creativity and innovation of our customers; every entry, participant, and vote contributes to the celebration of skill and creativity, and we value each one of them.

Our community has spoken, and their votes have selected the 30 finalists for the Ingenuity Awards. It was a tough decision with close votes, and here are the results.

Top 5 Winners

1 Custom Teardrop Tailer

Designed and built a 4×8 teardrop trailer from scratch over the duration of a year Hot roll 2″ Square tube .12″ for the entire trailer frame bed. Hot roll 1″ x 2″ .12″: spacers for the axle; .04″ 5052 aluminum skin; .75″x.75″ Aluminum angle for underside trim work; .5″x.5″ steel angle for fender mounting hardware; .75″ Aluminum bar for counter trim. We also have a post on how to make this grand prize winning teardrop trailer.

2 Harbinger Armor

This armor was forged from 4140 chrome moly steel sheet and was created as a show piece for DragonCon 2016 in Atlanta. It has fully articulated paldrons (shoulder armor), hand cut stainless steel accents and an attached Roman style cingulum (armored skirt). The diamond shaped scales are individually cut, fitted & riveted together with boiler rivets.
Photo by: Forbidden Realm Photography
Model: Miss Morgane

3 Roman Cavalry Helmet

This helmet was made by raising a helmet and mask from single plates of 260 cartridge brass, which I then decorated with repoussé and chasing over pitch – all ancient metalworking techniques. Pierced holes in the eyes, nose, and mouth allow the wearer to see and breathe through the close-fitting mask. The helmet’s classical Roman decorations feature a crown of oak leaves and acorns on top of a head of hair, acanthus scrollwork, scenes of Victory with martial trophies on the cheekpieces, and the seamonster Scylla causing a shipwreck on the brow. Made by Jeffrey Hildebrandt of Royal Oak Armoury in Saskatchewan, Canada. Check them out, their work is exceptional.

4 Lyre Clock

This clock designed by William R. Smith is based on the shape of the lyre. It is of the spring and fusee type and runs for 8 days between windings. It has a spring pallet escapement designed by Mr. Smith. The clock is 16″ tall. The front and back plates as well as the wheels are constructed from alloy 353 brass purchased from Online Metals.

5 Metal Wall
Decorative blackened cold rolled mild steel 9′ x 5′.

Congratulations winners and finalist! You will be receiving an email from Online Metals with details about your winnings. Each winner and finalist will get a certificate and Online Metals gift bag. Winners will also receive prize money to! The Finalists and Winners will be contacted by our team via email to get the shipping information required to send out gifts and prizes.


The Finalists

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