Whether it’s for the home or office, we all need to shelve, stash or display our stuff. At the Online Metals warehouse in Seattle, we were lucky enough to be the recipient of a promotional display unit from local designer/maker Kerf Wall. And, we’re loving it! Who knew metal went so well with plywood?

kerf wall

Kerf Wall in Seattle OnlineMetals Will Call Area

Kerf, a Seattle-based company now selling world-wide, implements a unique system of joinery and an aesthetic that has grown from their love of plywood and plastic laminate. They work one-on-one with customers to design specific solutions for residential or commercial spaces. In our space we’ve implemented the adjustable wall mounted storage and display unit. In addition, the company also offers installed furnishings ranging from home kitchens to industrial furnishings.
kerf wall

In the OnlineMetals shop, we love our unit because it is attractive, flexible and sturdy. The clean look does just enough to add an organization to our industrial space while making the customer facing Will-Call area more attractive. (And, we’re sure our customers love it, whether they realize it overtly, or if the enhancement is just subconsciously pleasing.)

Kerf Wall

Kerf Wall Sturdy Cubbie at OnlineMetals Will Call

We also like the little cubbies that can move around and display anything from small hand tools to a rather weighty vice grip in a busy area without fear of accidents. Safety first! But looking good doesn’t hurt either!
Our thanks go out to Kerf for providing us with this demo wall unit. We’re getting ideas of more places and spaces we can organize at home and office!

Kerf Wall

Kerf Wall Tool Display at OnlineMetals Will Call Seattle

Kerf Wall

Kerf Wall Display

Kerf Shop

Kerf  Shop, Seattle

To learn more about Kerf wall or to schedule a tour of their Seattle factory, visit their web site. Also, be sure to Like them on Facebook and keep up with all the Kerf news.