Online Metals - Welding Instructions

Learn to Weld Online – Adventures in Welding

YouTube is reaching levels of notoriety as it fills to the brim with videos of cats and babies laughing. In spite of these entertaining yet unproductive features, YouTube is also experiencing an increase in instructional videos for virtually every profession. More and more technical professionals are creating informal videos teaching the basics and difficulties of technical skills.
In the metal-working world, these videos are becoming more and more readily available, breaking down the barrier of specialized welding and ever day people. As a result of professionals creating such videos, the average person can now learn to weld online for free. From beginner videos to the most technical welds, informational videos can guide the creative process, offering essential information before putting on the gloves and mask.
Online Metals - Welding Instructions
If you’re looking for a good place to start looking, our friend Paul at Adventures in Welding is a knowledgeable and clever resource for welders. His entertaining videos are incredibly helpful for beginner and experienced welders. Also, instead of just telling you what to do, Paul uses a POV camera allowing viewers to get the first person perspective with a narration throughout the process. Perhaps best of all, Paul isn’t afraid to make mistakes in his videos, giving viewers advice on “what and what not to do.”
Whether you’re looking to learn how to TIG weld 4130 Chromoly or looking for an engaging introduction to welding, check out Adventures in Welding‘s most recent video below.

* Please remember that Online Videos are not an alternative to important welding training.