The growing global interest in learning how to do things for ourselves is fantastic. Beyond the joy of getting your hands dirty and making something yourself, there are other benefits. Getting some control of the devices in your lives and the ability to fix them is hugely empowering. And even if that isn’t your main goal, the knowledge is great.

This is why we suggest people learn welding for fun. Making art, fixing machines, even just gaining a greater appreciation for the world you live in. All of these and more are part of learning to weld. Perhaps the best part of welding for fun is that you’ll actually learn how to do something incredibly useful!

A big part of the Maker movement is learning to combine technology with traditional ways of working in metals, fibers and other arts and crafts. And at the heart of many projects are metal structures. Knowing how to weld opens up many new project options.

While getting certified for underwater welding might be an expensive proposition, learning welding for fun can be very affordable and accessible. Many private workshops have started opening their doors to students of all ages and abilities. There are classes for welding just about anywhere. Ranging from private shops and educators to community colleges, there’s a lot to learn and you can learn it almost anywhere.

Learn welding for fun in the Seattle area

One of our favorite workshops for welding classes in Seattle is Hazard Factory, formerly known as All Metal Arts. Students can learn skills from the very basics of welding for fun, to advanced techniques. With small class sizes the instructor is able to customize sessions to students’ skills and interests. There are also a variety of fun project-based classes such as making art objects, Welding for Auto Restoration, and CNC Plasma How-to. Check out their class schedule here.

Another excellent choice in the Seattle area is the Pratt Fine Arts Center. They have a wide range of courses on everything from blacksmithing and bronze casting to glass blowing, woodworking, and painting. Check out their schedule for welding courses.

Learn to weld elsewhere

The American Welding Society is a fantastic resource wherever you are. The AWS Learning Center has newsletters, online courses, information, and more for free. We strongly encourage you to check them out. They even have a special locator tool to find welding schools in your area!

Would you like to know more?

We have a wide range of posts on welding. Whether you are looking to improve your skills in welding for fun or in a more professional manner, we can help! Check out some of our other posts about welding. We even have an entire series of posts all about how to weld different kinds of metals!

Also, we have these other handy Online Metals resources:

  • Product Guides – learn more about the individual metals you will be using
  • Melting Points of Metals – we have a chart here but also suggest you check out our blog post linked below.
  • Thickness Guide – Can’t remember what decimal point 43/64ths is? Maybe you can’t recall how thick 19 gauge brass is? Don’t worry, neither can we. Which is why we have this chart.

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