PRO TIP: Living with Industrial Design

Using materials that are typically employed in industrial applications as part of home or office decor can give a space a stylish, creative and enduring look. The trick is to make sure the pieces don’t look like an awkward salvage find that should really be in the garage.
We see a number of fantastic designs from customers that are industrial designers and  know how to create this balance. We caught-on to the pieces of this hot designer through our recent request for Ratings and Reviews. Intrigued by the description of the use of Aluminum Perforated Sheet we had to know what the final product came to!
Industrial-Chic-End-Table-DesignHere you’ll see that the designer painted the Aluminum Perforated Sheet in natural tones, retaining the symmetrical industrial pattern while adding a designer element to the structure that softens the effect of the metal in the furniture panel.
Many times the fact that metal can be painted or finished just like wood for various effects goes overlooked in the design process. Brushing or etching sheets can also create movement and visually soften surfaces.
In other designs this maker has also incorporated transparent red acrylic sheet and inexpensive LED lighting to create additional dimension and luminosity inside the furniture itself.
Of course someone snapped up the piece before we could get a picture! But, we’re hoping Jesse will design some more so we can share that too!