Maraging Steel Returns to Online Metals

shop online for maraging steelAfter many months of being off the market at, Maraging Steel is once again availble and ready to ship to you!
Maraging Steel is known for possessing superior strength and toughness, without losing malleability. The principal alloying material is 15 to 25% by weight nickel. With a low carbon content, Maraging Steel has good machinability and also offers good weldability. Although, the metal does need to be cured after heat treatment to restore its strength properties.
maraging-steel-rodMaraging Steel is commonly used in bike frames, surgical applications, engines components and other high wear components. It is also found in several sporting accessories, including as the metal in foil and epee blades (fencing), and as a secret weapon in golf clubs!
Due to its low carbon content, it does not hold a sharp edge, so should not be used for forging or machining cutting implements.
Online Metals offers Maraging Steel (18Ni) Round Bar in three alloys. Each alloy is available in various diameters, ranging from 0.375″ to 6.5″, and in lengths from 12 inches to 7 feet.
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