Marine Grade Materials

Marine grade materials provide high resistance to seawater and corrosion. We’re adding even more selection to the marine grade materials available every day at to support our boating and marine customers.
New inventory choices include marine grade 5083 Aluminum Round Bar, now in .25″ diameter!  5083 Aluminum Round Bar is also available in diameters up to 2 inches, and can be cut-to-size!
5083-H111 Aluminum Round Rod is used for high strength welded applications. It has a superior “skin finish” developed to prevent skin lamination. This provides even better resistance to inter-granular corrosion than alloy 5083 H321.

We’ve also expanded our marine grade materials selection in 316 Stainless Steel round, flat and tube shapes.
T-316 is similar in machinability and weldability to T-304, but has far superior corrosion resistance as a marine grade material. It also has a higher yield strength than both 303 and 304. T-316 can be hardened by cold work.
marine-grade-materials-stainless-steelNEW MARINE GRADE 316-STAINLESS STEEL MATERIALS: