May The 4th Be With You

Say “May the 4th Be With You” out loud and you’ll hear the pun that Star Wars fans worldwide have turned into a rallying cry to proclaim their love of the saga. It’s the worldwide day to celebrate the epic Star Wars story and say “May the Force be with you” to all.
Star Wars may have been set in a galaxy far, far away but metal was still the mighty driver of technology and space travel. Robots were equipped with built in welding tools and both humans and otherworldly species are shown to melt metal. Welding is a necessary skill in their galaxy. On Tatooine in Episode IV: A New Hope the scavenger Jawas weld a metal plate to R2-D2’s side. And in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith R2-D2 wields his retractable fusion welder, usually used for starship maintenance, as a weapon. Even Wookiees weld! In Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Chewbacca is featured welding on a central lifter. Han Solo performed some emergency welding. And not to be out done, Princess Leia shows off her welding skills as well.
Our Online Metals Enthusiasts definitely have the #OnlineMetalsForce with them – welding metal Boba Fett helmet reproductions, metalworking full Stormtrooper armor suits, crafting incredibly realistic Lightsabers and creating Death Star and Darth Vader fire pits. Check out these amazing metal projects from the #OnlineMetalsForce and others from around the web and get inspired by their out of this galaxy creativity!

These projects were made with Aluminum Tubing, Aluminum SheetAluminum, Stainless Steel Sheet, Brass, Steel, Bronze, Acrylic Sheet and Polycarbonate Sheet from That’s right, we have Plastics too!
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