The Creators

Introducing The Creators!

The human element of the world of materials is more important than ever! We create to challenge ourselves, inspire others, and push the world forward into the unknown. “The Creators” is a partnership program between makers, doers, fabricators, and Online Metals to take our customers on a journey from raw materials to real possibilities. Our hardworking and community-focused makers come from all walks of life and offer unique and specialized skills they love to share with the world.

Learn what excites “The Creators” most about partnering with Online Metals and their latest project in this post. We also have a link to their new home on our website below and our new YouTube playlist that will be updated on an ongoing basis with all of their mind-blowingly cool projects!

House of Chop Welding

Philip aka Chop

What inspired you to join The Creators?

“The best tool is one that’s easy to use and saves me time or money. Online Metals easily hits all marks with their easy to use website, great pricing, and rapid delivery. Because of Online Metals, I spend more time in the shop doing the projects I love and far less time thinking about how to get materials to here.”

What is Chop currently working on?

Barbie The Welder Sculpting

Barbie The Welder

What inspired you to join The Creators?

“Long before anyone knew me as Barbie The Welder I’ve been buying material from Online Metals. They’ve always had what I need to create amazing things and it gets shipped fast!”

What is Barbie currently working on?

Ethan Abramson

What inspired you to join The Creators?

“I partnered up with Online Metals for the same reason their customers buy from them, great metal products offered with great people behind the scenes making sure the operation all runs smoothly. Looking forward to continuing making new pieces with their metal offerings in the New Year”

What is Ethan currently working on?

Tyler Bell Makes Welding

Tyler Bell

What inspired you to join The Creators?

“Online metals is a great resource for metal fab pros and those just starting to experiment with metal!”

What is Tyler currently working on?

Stay up to date with their latest projects by subscribing to Online Metals YouTube channel and following “The Creators” playlist through the link below!

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