Metal Stocking Holders

stocking holders

Don’t have a mantle for hanging your Christmas stockings? Or have a mantle but it lacks pizzazz? Skip the tacks and painter’s tape this year and use this opportunity to try a fun new project. Making metal stocking holders and stands are an elegant, functional, and festive way to showcase your stockings for all to see this season!

We’ve rounded up some stocking holder inspirations that are a great addition to your home and can be used with or without a mantle.

What to use?

With all the stuffers you’ll throw inside, your stockings may get a bit heavy. Therefore, in order to keep your stocking holders strong, we recommend using denser metals. Cold roll steel, hot roll steel, brass, and stainless steel are particularly good choices.

If you are looking for a more rustic or industrial look, the cold and hot roll steels will be best. Keep in mind that if you are in a humid or otherwise wet environment, they will rust quickly unless you oil or paint them as waterproofing. However, if rust is what you are looking for, then leave them be! The hot roll in particular rusts quickly. The smoother finish of the cold roll provides a little extra protection from the elements.

The golden shine of brass will provide a more classic wintery feel. You can either polish it to shine like a mirror or buff it to have a soft brushed appearance. Either works well and is easy to do!

Lastly, stainless steel can provide a slick modernist aesthetic. Most stainless comes in a matte finish, but it is also available in a brushed and mirror finish.

We offer an array of metals that can be cut-to-size allowing you to purchase just the amount you need, saving you time and money. And with six warehouses nationwide, and a pickup option, your order will arrive with plenty of time to spare before the holidays. 

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