Make More: Protoboxs Are Here!

A serious deal for the serious maker. These new metal packs are ideal for fabricators, prototypers and hobbyists working on a variety of projects and modest budgets! Protoboxs are each a collection of random small-size products from a single material type. Materials available in Protoboxs are Aluminum, Brass, Copper and Steel. Starting at $5 for 5 pounds!


Samples of Prodboxs: 5# Brass, 10# Aluminum and 10# Copper

The type of materials you may get in your Protobox include bar, rod, tube, angle, channel and more, in up to 12″ lengths. Each type of Protobox is available in increments of 5 pound, 10 pound and 20 pound packages. And, each is priced to let you experiment!
Every Protobox is unique and packed randomly from available materials, at a flat cost per box.
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With materials starting at one dollar a pound, there’s no reason not to experiment! Let us know what you decide to do with your Protoboxs! We love to see photos and hear about the amazing products our customers create.