Metal Working Techniques: Custom Putters

If you want to get a golf game going that rivals a PGA pro, you might want to look into custom putters.  There’s a lot of options for choosing a custom club. There are many price ranges too! A great choice with a range of price points happens to be available from an OnlineMetals customer, Xenon Golf. This independent company uses specialized metal working techniques to create prized putters!
The metal working techniques employed by Xenon Golf include both hand-made putters as well as CNC machined custom putters.  The precision craftsmanship in the company’s metal working techniques is apparent  in the unique and beautiful mill work. Starting with free machining billets, the putters are hand finished to the customer’s desired specifications. Finish work includes stamping, rounding and painting.
Xenon Golf milled putters are made from many materials to suit the particular interests and unique needs of each golfer. Putter heads include Aluminum Bronze, Carbon Steel, Copper, Nickel, Carbon Damascus and Stainless Steel. The company has recently been covered in articles on the PGA website and is touted as being one of the few places left making truly custom equipment with skilled metal working techniques.
For more information about the metal working techniques of Xenon Golf and the assortment of putters available, visit their website. To see what the PGA has to say bout Xenon golf, visit the PGA website.