Metal's Most Popular Pins

You may have noticed that we’re a little social over here at OLM. Maybe in a lurker, “wow-look-at-how-cool-your-are, jealous of your metal-smith talent“, kind of way. But, we really do dig the conversation. We also think it’s fantastic when YOU get in the chat room with us, so to speak, and share what you like with your community.
In honor of YOU and all that you love about us, here’s a lurker’s inside view of what’s popular at according to Pinterest…  Mark your trend boards now!  Here’s the OLM Top 6 Pins, as of October, 23, 2014!!
1. Stainless Tile
2. Stainless Annealed Sheet (Wall Protection Behind Stove)
3. DIY: Perforated Sheet, Upcycled Light
4. Deep Sea Anglerfish Lamp
5. Wood Table with Brass Inlay
6. Cold Roll Steel Headless Horseman

Steel Headless Horseman

A-366 / 1008 Cold Roll Steel Sheet

Keep the conversation and Pins coming!  We’re watching every click;)