"In The Year 2525 by Mark Moore of Raytown, MO

Metalworking Contest – Highlights From Week One

On January 19th, we announced our huge Metalworking Showcase Contest where we’re awarding $250 in materials from OnlineMetals.com to a maker who uses their creativity, skills and hands to produce or construct products that make the world a better place. The responses have been nothing short of inspiring. From all corners of the world, folks like you have submitted works of both art and utility that are produced from materials of all types and grades, and we absolutely love what we’re seeing!
Of course, we don’t have time to feature all works that we’ve received, but we aim to make time between now and March 1st to showcase as many as we can! We’ve poured over each and every submission and we continue to be impressed with the number of uses that each of our small-quantities materials can serve. If you’d like to enter into our contest for a chance to win materials from our national and worldwide materials shop, visit our contest page and enter your works.

See How Others Shape The World Around Them with Metal

Cal Poly Racing Baja Team

Cal Poly Racing’s “SAE Mini-Baja Vehicle”, San Luis Obispo, CA

“SAE Mini-Baja Vehicle” is an entry by the students at Cal Poly Racing, a chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. This group of 30+ student-engineers have designed, fabricated and tested (and continue to test, fabricate and design) an all-terrain, single-seat off-road vehicle capable of passing a stringent technical and safety inspection before competing in an array of dynamic events created to push the students’ engineering abilities to the limit. This includes acceleration, hill climb, rock crawl, and maneuverability events, all leading up to a brutal 4 hour long endurance race around the toughest of elements and conditions – with all materials being cut to size and machined by the students.
The Cal Poly Racing team uses a combination of cold rolled & hot rolled steel, as well as 3003, 6061 and 7075 aluminum purchased from OnlineMetals.com among other materials in construction of their frame and supporting elements. Keep up the work, and best of luck on the road ahead!

Whisky distillation still

Whisky Distillation Still – Wiggly Bridge Distillery, York, ME

Our next entrant comes to us from York, ME and shows us how C101 Oxygen Free Copper Sheet can be utilized by just about anyone, so long as you have the desire and the know-how that comes with hard work. David Woods, Distiller at Wiggly Bridge Distillery took a dinnertime joke with his family and after learning how to weld and boning up on the requirements and materials needed, took an off-hand comment about making whisky and created not just a handmade still to produce whisky, but produced award-winning spirits and is in the process of fabricating a bigger still at their second location. The business, borne through a passion for doing and creating, now offers tours and tastings at their location.

Storm II by Courtney Branam“Storm II” by Courtney Branam of Seattle, WA

As we’ve said countless times, high-quality metals and plastics can create magnificent works of art when placed in the hands of a motivated and creative DIYer. Courtney Branam from Seattle took his skills as a glass blower and incorporated blown and sculpted glass with flat and round steel stock to produce his latest work, Storm II. Courtney says that this piece is in a series of works recognizing “visual motifs of the natural world; symbols of the sky that speak sculpturally towards the nature of human curiosity and our tendency to marvel” and we think it’s beautiful and look forward to his next works of art, metal or not.

"In The Year 2525 by Mark Moore of Raytown, MO

“In The Year 2525” by Mark Moore of Raytown, MO

Speaking of using multiple types of media in art, when we first saw this work of art, we weren’t sure whether it incorporated any materials that we offered (or metal, for that matter!), but after a closer examination, we were blown away to discover that artist Mark Moore from Raytown, MO has utilized 6061 aluminum sheet and 260 Brass to create his work, titled “In The Year 2525″. Polished to a mirror finish, all pieces are cut by hand and feature copper plating, green turquoise embellishments and have a wingspan of 38″ and a length of 40”.
Mark writes to us about how his moment of inspiration came from a routine day in his garden, watching a swarm of gnats give way to hundreds of dragonflies.

Submit Your Creation Today and Win $250!

Be sure to continue sending us your creations and fabrications, where you have a chance to win $250 in materials from OnlineMetals.com! For more contest rules, visit our contest page. Good luck and keep making metal magic happen!