Since January 19th, we’ve received a ton of awesome submissions from makers and metalworking hobbyists like you in response to our Metalworking Showcase Contest, where we will be awarding $250 worth of materials from our online metal store, and one of the biggest challenges is finding the right way to show the world just how ingenious some of our fans are!
Last week we showcased some of the creations that people have submitted from all over the world, and this week, take a look at others who create utilitarian and decorative works of function and form using metals, high-grade plastics and materials of all kinds. Our theme this week revolves around how craftsmanship and effort can improve the quality of one’s daily routine whether it involve work, recreation or the occasional joyride.
Between now and March 1st, submit your creations using metals, plastics and ingenuity and have a chance to win!

Creations Made From Materials And Skill

1980 Yamaha XS850

Bob Jackman’s 1980 Yamaha XS850

Our first entry for the week comes from Bob Jackman, who customized his 1980 Yamaha XS850 and transformed his worn-out, high-mileage bike into a beautiful motorcycle merging stock parts and custom flair. Bob, a Seattle resident, used high-grade plastics like Delrin and HDPE as well as Aluminum from our shop (as well as his own engineering expertise) to accomplish his first major automotive project and not just get his first bike up and running, but turning heads.
To learn more about Bob’s Yamaha XS850, read author Ross Sharp’s article detailing the work that went into it. Excellent work Bob, thank you for sharing!

Tactile Turn’s Gist Titanium Fountain Pen

As I took notes on the next entry, I whipped out my favorite pen and scanned the information given to me by our contest team, and I quickly felt like I was lacking something in my life. Specifically, this pen. Will Hodges of Tactile Turn out of Richardson, TX uses 6AL-4V Titanium and 301 stainless steel coated with diamond-like carbon (DLC) to produce fountain pens that will last a lifetime, with many of the materials purchased from!
Will writes us and explains how his inspiration came from noticing how many wooden pens were on the market, but very few that utilized metals. In a short amount of time, Will learned about working with metals, starting with aluminum on a classic 1953 Warner & Swasey turret lathe. After moving from manual machining and into the world of CNC lathing, Will eventually kicked off his pen-making business and the rest is history. Thank you for the inspiration and the submission, Will!
To learn more about Will’s 6AL-4V Titanium Pen, visit his website.

Metal Comb Works – High Quality Metal Combs

If your folks were like ours, you might have heard your mom or dad tell you once that paying for quality pays off in the long run. In my personal life, I know of many barbers and all-around hair enthusiasts who buy quality clippers, scissors and brushes and the saying is often proven true by how long their equipment lasts.
Metal Comb Works out of California believes that too, and their metal pocket combs as shown above are produced using brass, titanium and stainless steel sheet, with most of their materials coming from our site. When they submitted their entry, they mentioned how they were “tired of cheap, disposable products”, and the amount of detail and type of materials used for everyday carry (EDC) items inspires us to re-evaluate what we buy and how to shop for quality.
If you’d like to learn more about their metal pocket combs and accessories, visit their website.

Dean Gordon’s Mirus Electric Guitar

Our final entry comes to us from Dean Gordon who produces guitars in New York City and has submitted his Mirus Electric Guitar as his example of how he incorporates his passion for luthiery (I had to look this up, and it’s the proper term for someone who makes or repairs stringed instruments) with materials from wildly different sources. Dean used Louisiana swamp ash and Peruvian walnut and formed the lower bout with 5052 aluminum from Online Metals, creating a beautiful electric guitar that is high-end enough to get him featured in various publications. What struck us was Dean’s story and how his tinkering as a youth led to an aggressive track of learning and hard work that has resulted in a business that caters to serious musicians worldwide.
Oh, and the above Mirus guitar? Dean shares that with us because it’s owned by none other than American Idol judge & country superstar Keith Urban. To learn more about Dean Gordon Guitars and how he uses his skill and trade to produce quality guitars, visit his site.

Submit Your Creation Today and Win $250!

If you’ve forged, welded, sculpted or created works of skill and craftsmanship, regardless of their intended usage, tell us about it! We love seeing how makers shape the world around them and we’d love to feature your work! Simply visit our contest page and submit your hard work! And for those we haven’t featured, keep an eye out for our post next week, and good luck!